Bhulekh UP: A Comprehensive Guide to Land Record Portal in Uttar Pradesh

Bhulekh UP: A Comprehensive Guide to Land Record Portal in Uttar Pradesh

As an Indian citizen, being well-versed with property-related documents is of utmost importance. In this, the role of Bhulekh, a government initiative for online land records, is significant. 

In this article, we will delve into the Bhulekh UP (Uttar Pradesh) portal, its features, and how you can access different services offered by the platform.

Bhulekh UP: An Introduction

The term Bhulekh is derived from two Hindi words: ‘Bhu’ meaning land and ‘Lekh’ meaning record. 

The Bhulekh UP is an online portal initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government to digitalize land records and make them easily accessible to the general public. 

This platform allows citizens to view their land records online from their mobile phones, eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices.

Core Features of Bhulekh UP

The Bhulekh UP portal possesses several features that make it a user-friendly platform for accessing land records in Uttar Pradesh. 

Here’s a brief rundown of its key features:

  1. Easy Access to Information: The Bhulekh UP portal allows users to obtain desired information with a few clicks. The portal provides direct links to land-related services.

  1. Categorized Information: All information available on the Bhulekh UP online portal is categorized, allowing users to use services based on their priorities.

  1. User-Friendly Design: The Bhulekh UP portal is designed to be user-friendly and works well on all devices.

  1. Wide Range of Online Services: The Bhulekh UP portal (up bhulekh gov in) offers a variety of online services like complaint registration, stamp and registry, e-district, and much more to simplify user tasks.

Accessing Land Services on UP Bhulekh Portal

The Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh portal offers a list of land services, which includes:

  • Viewing copies of Khatauni (Property Record)

  • Knowing the code of Revenue Village Khatauni.

  • Knowing the unique code of Land/Gate

  • Knowing the status of disputes on Land/Gate

  • Knowing the status of the sale of Land/Gate

  • Viewing a copy of Khatauni Part Determination.

  • Revenue Village Public Property

  • Exempted Property

  • Enemy Property

  • Government Estan

  • UP Bhulekh Contact Details

Land Records Available on UP Bhulekh Portal

The Bhulekh Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh record database contains details of all registered land cultivation according to the Khasra and account number with ownership details. 

The information includes:

  • Account holder’s name

  • Number of account holders

  • Land size

  • Details of Khasra number and account number

  • History of property exchanges, including mortgages, third-party claims, etc.

  • Vacant property, etc.

Land-related Disputes on UP Bhulekh Portal

Before investing in land or property in UP, you should check if the property is entangled in any legal or financial disputes. 

The process to do so on the Bhu Abhilekh Uttar Pradesh portal is as follows:

  • Go to the official website up bhulekh gov in.

  • On the homepage, click on ‘Know the status of being in dispute of Land/Gate’.

  • On clicking the option, a new page will open where you have to select your district, Tehsil, and village.

  • After selecting your district, Tehsil, and village, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to provide the Gate number. Enter the Gate number and click on ‘Search’.

If there is an ongoing dispute on the Khasra number you entered, you will receive information about it. 

In this way, you can check for disputed properties on the Bhulekh UP portal.

Benefits of UP Bhulekh Portal

  1. The UP Bhulekh portal helps the citizens of Uttar Pradesh to get all information related to their land. All services related to the land are obtained at home using this portal.

  1. To see any details related to the land, citizens only need to enter Khasra or Gata number.

  1. In addition, all land records being online have ended all corruption related to the land.

  1. With the help of this portal, any information to be updated or added to land accounts is now possible from home.

UP Bhulekh Login Process

There are three types of login on the Bhulekh portal: “Real-time Khatauni login, Khasra login, and Khatauni login.

You can click on the relevant link and login to the UP Bhulekh portal.

Bhulekh UP Helpline

If you have any technical problem or issue related to your land records, Khatauni etc. on the Bhulekh UP online portal, you can solve your problem by contacting the following email or number.

  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Computer Cell Revenue Board Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • Landline number: +91-522-2217145
  • Mobile number: 91-7080100588


The UP Bhulekh online portal initiated by the Uttar Pradesh government helps ordinary citizens of the state to access all their land records with a single click. 

This portal is designed to avoid the need to visit any Tehsildar or Patwari, thus when any citizen of UP needs to verify their land records and see UP Bhulekh Naksha, they can take help of these online portals

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