Threatcop Launches Revolutionary Cybersecurity Guide at AISS 2023

Threatcop Launches Revolutionary Cybersecurity Guide at AISS 2023

[New Delhi(India), December 2] – Threatcop, a pioneer in people security management category with an exclusive AAPE framework, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking cybersecurity guide, “People Security,” at the prestigious Annual Information Security Service (AISS) 2023 event organized by DSCI. This innovative guide is a testament to Threatcop’s commitment to its People Security Management (PSM) category which helps in making people the first line of defense in the ever evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Thought Leadership Pioneering the Future of Cybersecurity Strategies

In an era where digital threats are escalating and cybersecurity breaches have become a critical concern, organizations are actively seeking out robust strategies to protect their digital infrastructure. “What measures can be implemented to safeguard sensitive data and maintain people security culture in this increasingly vulnerable digital environment?” This question resonates as a core challenge within the cybersecurity community.

In response to this pressing issue, “People Security” debuts as a trailblazing guide, shining a spotlight on an exclusive narrative with 33 of India’s top security leaders. Threatcop, in association with Ofofo, has organized an initiative to garner insights and ideas from security leaders in the cybersecurity domain. These visionaries, renowned for their expertise in people security management, share invaluable insights and best practices, offering readers a rare glimpse into the minds shaping today’s cybersecurity landscape.

A notable perspective is shared by DSCI CEO Vinayak Godse, who cautions in the guide, “Be cautious about digital platforms and networks for confidential work. Ensure best cyber hygiene practices while doing so.” This piece of advice crystallizes a key element of effective cybersecurity protocols.

Key Features of “People Security” Guide

  1. Strategic Insights for Robust Cyber Defenses: The guide delves deep into the strategies and frameworks employed by leading security experts. It provides actionable advice on building impenetrable defenses and empowering the workforce to be the first line of defense against cyber threats.
  2. Case Studies of Data Breaches: “People Security” offers an in-depth analysis of major data breaches caused by human errors. It highlights specific social engineering tactics used by cybercriminals and discusses their impact on organizations, serving as a valuable learning tool for readers.
  3. Interactive Cybersecurity Education: To further engage the audience, the guide includes interactive quizzes and puzzles designed to strengthen cybersecurity knowledge and defensive strategies.

A Timely Launch at DSCI AISS 2023

The launch of “People Security” aligns perfectly with AISS’s broad areas of discussion, such as the future of security, digital crime spectrum, and mobile threat defense. This esteemed platform provides an exceptional opportunity for Threatcop to showcase its unwavering commitment to raising awareness and education to safeguard human element in cybersecurity. The unveiling of this pioneering guide was graced by the presence of DSCI CEO Vinayak Godse, alongside other notable attendees.

The event was further highlighted by the presence of Threatcop’s leaders. The Founders of Threatcop, Pavan Kushwaha (CEO), Dip Jung Thapa (COO), and Paratosh Bansal (CTO), took this opportunity to express their gratitude towards the AISS platform. Their collective vision for “People Security” was to craft a resource that not only informs but empowers individuals and organizations in the face of evolving digital threats. The presence of these esteemed leaders and their acknowledgment of the people security management underscored the significance of the event as a milestone in the journey of cybersecurity advancement.

Threatcop’s Guide Empowering the Weakest Link

According to the World Economic Forum, more than 95% of cybersecurity breaches are a result of human error, underscoring the critical need for comprehensive security awareness and training. Recognizing this, The guide is meticulously designed to empower individuals, turning them into active participants in the battle against social engineering attacks. By embracing the approach of People Security Management, the guide aims to elevate employees from potential security liabilities to proactive defenders in the cybersecurity landscape.

“Through the ‘People Security’ guide, we aim to equip our readers with the knowledge and tools they need to safeguard their digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats. We believe that an informed and prepared workforce is key to building a resilient cyber defense,” said Pavan Kushwaha, CEO of Threatcop.

How to Access the Guide?

“People Security” will be available on the website of Threatcop. You can order your copy of the guide by clicking here. The Readers can look forward to a rich and engaging experience that not only informs but also transforms their approach to cybersecurity.

The launch of “People Security” marks a significant milestone in the journey of cybersecurity. As Threatcop leads the charge in this new era, the cybersecurity community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this guide will have on organizations and individuals worldwide. By offering readers an exclusive look into the intellects that are currently sculpting the cybersecurity narrative, “People Security” endeavors to steer organizations toward a more secure and resilient digital future.

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