TendersOnTime Celebrates 10 Years of Success as Global Tenders Aggregator

TendersOnTime Celebrates 10 Years of Success as Global Tenders Aggregator

TendersOnTime, a leading aggregator of procurement opportunities across the globe, marked a significant milestone on July 22, 2023, as the company completed a successful decade of operations. To commemorate this achievement, employees, vendors, and service providers gathered for a joyous get-together. TendersOnTime is a domain owned and managed by Global Tenders Services Pvt. Ltd. (GTS).

The celebration was graced by the presence of Mr. Sanjay Vyas, Founder, and CEO of TendersOnTime, who reflected on his remarkable 25+ years in the tenders aggregation industry and his inspiring journey as the founder of the company. Expressing gratitude, Mr. Vyas acknowledged the pivotal role played by his Parents, Spiritual Guru, and dedicated employees in reaching this momentous milestone.

During his speech, Mr. Vyas highlighted the immense potential of the public procurement spend, which is worth 26 Trillion USD, based on IMF’s estimation of the global economy worth 175 Trillion USD (on PPP basis). He emphasized that TendersOnTime is a cut above its competitors, boasting an impressive YoY growth rate of over 85%. The company also stands out with its extensive Google indexed pages, numbering 750,000, in contrast to the nearest competitor with only 100,000 indexed pages.

Understanding TendersOnTime’s expertise, Mr. Vyas mentioned the company’s possession of the largest count of country-specific tender domains and unique proprietary search tools for quick information dissemination. On a daily basis, TendersOnTime processes 55,000+ tenders by scanning more than 600,000 purchasers, showcasing its comprehensiveness in the industry.

Mr. Vyas took pride in TendersOnTime’s employee-centric Human Resource policy, which rewards employees with promotions and increments every six months. Further, few employees were felicitated on this special day for their dedicated service of 7+ years with the company.

Highlighting the company’s success mantra, Mr. Vyas outlined TendersOnTime’s commitment to providing clients with public procurement information based on Relevancy, Comprehensiveness, and Timeliness, ensuring utmost satisfaction for the customers. By embracing innovation, TendersOnTime is actively implementing the use of Artificial Intelligence and is well on its course to deliver tenders information every two hours, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Mr. Rakesh Verma, Co-Founder and Director of the company, also addressed the gathering, expressing his gratitude to the staff for contributing towards the company’s growth and outlining the company’s expansion plans through its offices in Noida, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Mumbai. Looking towards the future, he shared the company’s ambitious plan to expand the organization to 200 people by March 2024 from the current strength of 100 employees. TendersOnTime plans to establish offices in the USA, Europe, UK, and UAE to further strengthen its global presence. The company’s target is to achieve a consistent YoY growth rate of 50%. By adding 300+ satisfied customers month on month.

The celebration was not just about accolades; it also focused on recognizing the hard work and dedication of TendersOnTime’s employees. The event saw employees showcasing their unique talents through singing, dancing, and performances, adding vibrancy and positivity to the 10-year celebrations.

As TendersOnTime looks back on a decade of success, the company remains committed to providing top-notch public procurement information and fostering a culture of growth and innovation. With their eyes set on a promising future, TendersOnTime is poised to make even greater strides in the global procurement landscape.

About TendersOnTime:

TendersOnTime, owned and managed by Global Tenders Services Pvt. Ltd. (GTS), is a prominent aggregator of procurement opportunities worldwide. Through innovative programs and dedicated contributions, TendersOnTime addresses critical societal issues and uplifts the lives of those in need. To learn more about their initiatives and involvement opportunities, visit https://www.tendersontime.com/

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