Scam is happening in the name of manufacturing and selling of speed governor and GPS – Rajkumar

Scam is happening in the name of manufacturing and selling of speed governor and GPS – Rajkumar

– Letter written to Prime Minister, Home Minister, Lieutenant Governor, CM and Transport Minister

– They are charging many times more than the fixed price

– Brokers take off after fitness

New Delhi. Rajkumar Yadav, President of United Front for Truck Transport and Sarathi Association (UFTTSA) has alleged that a scam worth billions is taking place in Delhi in the name of installing GPS in vehicles. In this matter, Rajkumar has written a letter to the PM, Home Minister, LG, CM and Transport Minister, drawing their attention towards this scam. Rajkumar gave this information in the press conference organized at the Press Club Of India,  here today. Officials from UFTTSA were also present on the occasion.

Rajkumar said that I would like to draw attention to the scam worth billions taking place in Delhi in the name of installing GPS in commercial vehicles. There is huge loot in the name of installing GPS in commercial heavy vehicles and in the name of rules which have not been made, many people are being cheated. Double the price is being charged. He said that the matter of concern is that all this is happening under the supervision of the clean and so-called honest government of Delhi and as a result of their blessings, GPS companies are continuously selling it at arbitrary prices. He said that it is surprising when at the time of fitness, it is charged ₹ 9000 to ₹ 9500 and is so-called passed just by installing it in the fitness vehicle and immediately after getting it passed, it is taken away by the brokers. Is . He said that the policy of installing GPS of Delhi Government is such that it is not meant to protect the public but is a means of open looting.

He said that this rule has become a cause of trouble for vehicle owners. This rule is rendering the vehicle owners helpless and shedding tears of blood. The GPS which is demanded by the Transport Department rules is a GPS with panic button and it was ensured that GPS with panic button is installed for passenger vehicles (bus/taxi). l It was imposed by the government with a view to provide safety to women and children in public passenger vehicles, but till date, even after using panic button in public passenger vehicles, no help has been received as per expectation. This bus is under the control of state government transport. This seems to be the only means of recovery by the department. He said that I personally saw this by pressing the panic button in a public taxi, the result was zero. Through this GPS, a huge scam is being carried out with the connivance of both the state government and the transport department under it. In the name of fitness. But the GPS installed in heavy goods commercial vehicles should not be installed inside the goods carrier for any reason, but in view of the huge earning and not through robbery, all the rules have been kept to the extent that the goods carrier should not be fitted with GPS without panic button. The certificate is not provided. Despite talking to the transport department several times, the result is zero. The senior officials of the transport department, off record, believe that there is no obligation on the goods carrier, but the truth and situation is exactly the opposite. Why is fitness certificate not given without GPS? Mostly GPS is used in the mining (coal/iron ore/sand/ballast) transportation areas, but even there there is no compulsion to have GPS with panic button.

He said that Delhi is the only state where in the name of facilities, the pockets of truck transporters and heavy commercial vehicle owners are constantly being looted because in other states, the actual price of GPS installed in the market is ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000. And the GPS installed in these can continuously track the vehicle, but the GPS machines installed in Delhi state will be able to do tracking only when they are permanently installed because this so-called GPS is used by the brokers immediately after charging huge amount for the fitness certificate. It is taken down only later.

On the other hand, in the name of checking GPS in heavy commercial vehicles, ₹ 2000 to ₹ 4000 is being openly collected in the name of passing the GPS at the time of fitness of the vehicles, when the vehicles are fitted with GPS and all the big brands have installed GPS and Okay, so why the money to pass and if there are irregularities in all the GPS then the notice should be given to the company and not to the common vehicle owners. He questioned that for how long will vehicle owners be cheated and looted in the name of GPS. General Truck/Tripper Those heavy commercial vehicle owners? Are the Delhi Government, Transport Minister, senior transport officials and other administrative officials not aware of this? Please stop this corrupt system and looting system as soon as possible.

He has sent a letter to PM, Home Minister, LG, CM, Transport Minister etc. demanding to issue appropriate guidelines in this regard so that it can help in saving the transport business.

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