Indian Farmers Welcome Vechain India’s Remarkable Tech Help Aimed At Growth

Indian Farmers Welcome Vechain India’s Remarkable Tech Help Aimed At Growth

New Delhi, March 15th – Vechain India, a leading startup in farming technology, has announced the launch of its revolutionary tech solution for authentication of organic as well as non-organic products, which will help Indian farmers track their products through the supply chain. Vechain India was invented in 2020, at a time when Indian farmers, like their counterparts elsewhere, were reeling under the adverse impact of Coronavirus pandemic. This affected their produce, as well as future prospects dearly.

Growing population of the world is driving the need for improvement in the agricultural sector as well. The growth of the IoT over the past few decades has shown unprecedented potential in advancement of operational capabilities of the farmers. Integrating technology with agricultural growth through ‘smart farming’ is the mainstay of Vechain India and the company has taken the lead in providing solutions to farmers so that they can track their farming products, identify the solutions required to promote organic farming and ascertain authentication of organic as well as non-organic products.

Vechain India prides itself in providing leading software and technology to the farming businesses across the country, in partnership with Wiki Data Solution Pvt. Ltd., which also helps track and maintain the farmers data in India. Working within the modern agricultural frameworks, Vechain India are addressing the key concern among the Indian farmers – overcoming challenges like improving output as well as profitability.

This new-age startup has been recognized by several companies besides being awarded the ‘Startup Leader of the year” award for the year 2020. 

Now, Vechain has partnered with India’s first organic company, Ambrosia Organic Farm Private Limited and thousands of farmers are already vouching for its impactful technological contribution. 

Janardan Khorate, India’s youngest organic farmer, is the brain behind this remarkable venture and he said in a press statement, “We know we are on the right path vis-à-vis agricultural growth of India is concerned. What has vindicated our belief is the fact that a Spanish company, among other companies, has shown interest in acquiring Vechain India, against an offer to the tune of Rs 50 crore.”

He further adds, “We started this company with an initial investment of just Rs 50,000 and today, we have companies offering crores of rupees to buy us out. We are not in a hurry to make a decision. Instead, we want to join hands with the Indian farmers and carry on this progressive journey to a bright future for Indian agriculture.”

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