Human Rights Council Present’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Award for Celebrating 11 Years of Commitment to Human Rights Protection!

Human Rights Council Present’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Award for Celebrating 11 Years of Commitment to Human Rights Protection!

11th January 2024,Mumbai: On the special day marking our 11th foundation anniversary, we are delighted to announce the presentation of the Dr. Babasaheb  Ambedkar Award to individuals dedicated to social causes and doing the noble cause of betterment of society. Human Rights Council of India has been actively engaged in this noble endeavor across 26 states and 9 Union Territories  for past 9 years.

Our reach goes beyond boundaries of states of  India, having a team of around 60000 individuals and workers from approximately .Now, let us understand the essential role played by the Human Rights Council of India in protecting Human Rights and promoting its awareness. Human Rights Council Of India addresses critical issues such as the bad practices of the female dowry system and dowry deaths, the exploitation of labour and child labour, communal differences leading to communal violence, and the misconduct of prisoners, often adding and hinting to the actions of the police.

Failure in legal processes, the pressure or fear to file F.I.R., dishonesty in fake encounter cases, rape cases, abrupt firings, extortion, non-payment of wages to labourers, hunger, and violations of fundamental rights—these are the Human Rights violations that persist in our society. Human Rights Council of India is tirelessly working to stop and eradicate these injustices and assist people who all are affected. We are committed to addressing these issues with the utmost dedication and support to the victims of such incidents.

Our efforts extend to empowering women and stopping atrocities against them. We work towards environmental conservation by combating pollution, enforcing traffic rules, and educating people about the importance of following these rules. We firmly believe that the police administration has a crucial role to play in providing legal assistance and support to the vulnerable members of the society. Having Strong Support from law enforcement, we are dedicated to raise awareness about AIDS, prevent crime, help the poor and helpless, ensure environmental protection, eliminate child labour, combat child marriage, eradicate bribery, stop female feticide, and take legal action against food adulteration.

Human Rights Council of India is truthful in its commitment for  working on cases of atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Tribes. We by coming together raise our voice against injustice and discrimination. Each member of the Human Rights Council of India is dedicated to the ultimate goal of making a positive impact in the  society. It is our guiding principle, our Mantra. Kindly reach out to  Human Rights Council of India for more information and support.

Visit our website at  to get more information about our initiatives, progress and how you can contribute to this deed and join with us to create more prosperous and charitable society. Let’s Get Together, let’s make a bigger difference.

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