From Fitness Model to Bollywood Star: Sanjana Gupta’s Inspiring Journey Captivates Delhi’s Youth

From Fitness Model to Bollywood Star: Sanjana Gupta’s Inspiring Journey Captivates Delhi’s Youth

Fashion model Sanjana Gupta, who lives in the capital New Delhi, is currently a topic of discussion. Sanjana has made her mark as a fitness model at a very young age. Know who is Sanjana Gupta who remains a topic of discussion among the youth. Sanjana Gupta is originally from New Delhi, she was born on 24 February 2000 in the capital Delhi. She made her debut in the year 2020 with a beauty pageant named Miss Delhi and she was its runner-up, this journey went ahead of Sanjana and she also made a place in Miss India. Sanjana Gupta gained a lot of fame from these beauty pageants and sanitizer manufacturer Proguard chose her as their brand ambassador.

Sanjana has been the showstopper in shows like Mr. and Miss Asia. Today Sanjana Gupta has made her mark as a fashion blogger, fashion model and is very popular among the youth. At the moment, she told that she is now going to start her innings in acting as well, she has been signed by a famous Bollywood film writer and director for some of his projects and the shooting of these projects will be done soon.

Sanjana is currently a member of the Bodybuilding Sports Association. She tells that in the beginning nothing was easy, the family members, neighbors and passers-by had more trouble that the girl does modeling, why would she go to the gym, where boys also used to come, but gradually after becoming a perfect fitness model, the neighbors Along with this, relatives also feel proud, nowadays due to the incidents of rape and molestation of girls in Delhi, people ask their children to make a body like Sanjana, so that if someone molests them, he will be punished. Lessons can be learned. Today people are coming to me to give fitness tips to their daughters too so that they too can become self-reliant.

This journey of Sanjana Gupta is no different from any film story, now soon Sanjana’s new project is coming in the market, we are also waiting for her, you should do the same and wish Sanjana all the best so that she can move forward Keep doing such awareness youth

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