Disha’s Book ‘UPSC Files’ by Shubham Gupta (IAS) Offers Unparalleled Guidance to CSE Aspirants

Disha’s Book ‘UPSC Files’ by Shubham Gupta (IAS) Offers Unparalleled Guidance to CSE Aspirants

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) stands as one of thetoughest hurdles for those aspiring to serve their nation.The exam is known for its complexity, unpredictability, vast syllabus, and the sheer level of competition it entails. The CSE journey is no walk in the park; it demandsa powerfulstrategyand unwavering determination. It is in this context thatDisha Publication’s newly released book ‘UPSC Files’ written by distinguishedIAS Officer Shubham Guptaemerges as a much-needed guiding light.UPSC CSE aspirants often find themselves looking for a reliable roadmap that can tell them how to proceed in order to succeed without wasting precious years and attempts. ‘UPSC Files’ is precisely that roadmap, meticulously crafted by someone who has walked the path himself.

Shubham Gupta’s journey from a humble background as a shoe shopkeeper to an esteemed IAS officer with an impressive AIR 6 in the CSE 2018 is truly inspiring. His personal story in ‘Part I’ of the book establishes a meaningful connection with the reader for thestrategic and exam-centric discussions later. “The journey to cracking the CSE is not just about studying harder, but also about studying smarter. One of my biggest motivations to write this book was to show aspirants from economically disadvantaged backgrounds that clearing this great exam is possible, and to help them do so smoothly,” said Shubham Gupta.

The book is thoughtfully divided into four parts, each serving as a crucial leg of exam preparation. ‘Part II,’ covering everything about the Prelim & Main Exams, is a goldmine of knowledge and strategy. It breaks down the daunting syllabus with key topics, offers insights into selecting a strong optional subject, making quality notes, revision, and provides complete training on crafting impressive Mains answers to achieve an unbeatable score. It’s here that the author’s own answer writing samples, notes and examples included in the chapters become invaluable, showing aspiring candidates exactly what UPSC is looking for in their responses. “UPSC Filesis not just a book; it’s a mentor, a motivator, and a companion that will stand by aspirants throughout their journey. The book doesn’t just explain how to study; it teaches how to study effectively. Disha Publication is proud to present this important book to the aspirant community with an honourable officer like Shubham,” said Avinash Agarwal (Director, Disha Publication).

The interview stage, often considered the make-or-break moment in the UPSC CSE, takes center stage in ‘Part III.’ Gupta’s own journey from an interview score of 124 in the second attempt to an impressive 184 in the fourth oneis discussed in detail as a testament to the transformative power of self-improvement. This section offers tested tips and advice on successfully navigating the interview process, filling out the DAF with cadre preferences and handling interview questions with grace and confidence.’Part IV’ offers a unique insight into life beyond the exam. Shubham Gupta’s experiences during his training at LBSNAA and his life as an IAS Officer since 2019 shed light on the responsibilities and opportunities that come with the coveted position.

What sets ‘UPSC Files’ apart is its holistic approach that provides an integrated CSE strategy while dealing with each stage of the exam independently. The book has already received significant acclaim from top IAS & IPS officers like Srushti Deshmukh Gowda (IAS, AIR 5), Shruti Sharma (IAS, AIR 1), Kajal Jawla (IAS, AIR 28), Anil Swarup (IAS, Former Coal Secretary of India), S SKhandwawala (Rtd DG of Police, Gujarat & Head of Security & Anti-Corruption Unit, BCCI), among others. Several talks and live sessions with Shubham Gupta are being planned by Disha Publication around the theme of UPSC preparation.

Presently, Shubham Gupta holds the esteemed role of Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad in Dhule district of Maharashtra, where he continues to make a positive impact through his leadership. Beyond his official responsibilities, he frequently shares his insights and experiences with aspiring candidates of UPSC and State PSC exams during various events, paying it forward and helping others achieve their dreams.

Get ready to embark on your journey to success with ‘UPSC Files’—a book that empowers, educates, and inspires. The book is now available on Amazon and Flipkart. Explore Disha’s entire catalogue of books on

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