Anjana Om Kashyap’s exclusive interview with Dr. Vivek Bindra: Digging deep into the controversies surrounding the motivational speaker

Anjana Om Kashyap’s exclusive interview with Dr. Vivek Bindra: Digging deep into the controversies surrounding the motivational speaker

Dr. Vivek Bindra recently faced tough questions from TV anchor Anjana Om Kashyap about several major controversies surrounding him. Kashyap grilled Bindra on his involvement in creating an animated video of Guru Gobind Singh, which faced backlash from the Sikh community. She also pressed him on the legality of the IBC model used by his company Bada Business, which has faced criticism from experts in the field. Another topic of discussion was the controversy around the Morbi Tiles company, where Bindra was accused of promoting a fraudulent scheme. Despite the intense questioning, Bindra stood his ground and defended his actions with facts and figures, providing evidence to refute the allegations against him. The interview provided an insightful look into the controversies surrounding Bindra and his approach to addressing them.

They say fame brings its own share of enemies with it, and the two are directly proportional. The more famous you are the more enemies you tend to have.

Besides having millions of followers on YouTube and a similar number across other social media channels, Dr Vivek Bindra has had his own share of enemies and/or frenemies too during his entire career. He found most of the controversies created to be too amateurish to respond to. So, he ignored them and moved on, letting them die their own natural death. While others, he found too vastly spread to ignore and chose to fight them legally and logically. And as it happens more often than not, the truth won in the end.

In her very own grilling style, Ms. Anjana Om Kashyap, famous TV anchor, and Senior Executive Editor at AajTak, talked to Dr Vivek Bindra about all those controversies and sought clarification on each one of them. The biggest and latest of them being that Dr Bindra has been arrested by the police as he was trying to make a video inside the court premises. He not only answered the question with confidence but also with facts and figures. He told that PRO of Police Mr. Sube Singh on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, Faridabad issued a stamped and signed public statement, clearly stating that Dr. Bindra has never been arrested, and that it was just a fake propaganda by some newspapers and social media sites.



Watch how Dr Bindra handles all those controversial questions with dignity and complete honesty.

Besides seeking clarification on all the old and new controversies, Ms. Kashyap also asked questions about the motivational training and teachings of Dr Vivek Bindra. He answered all of them tactfully and with great enthusiasm which has gone on to become his trademark that few can imitate. 

The discussion then moves on to Srimad Bhagavad Gita, a topic that is extremely close to Dr Bindra’s heart and soul. He explained why Gita needs to be declared the national book of India. He said, “भगवद गीता कोई साधारण किताब नहीं है, कल्पवृक्ष है. इस से आप शारीरिक, मानसिक, भौतिक, आध्यात्मिक, व्यापारिक, जो सुधारना चाहते हैं सुधर लीजिये. भगवद गीता national book होनी चाहिए हमारे देश की.” Its teachings can and should be adapted not only in personal but professional life too for one’s own betterment, peace of mind, and success in all streams of life.

This 20-minute video will teach one a lot about humanity, humility, honesty, faith, persistence in the face of adversity, how to implement the teachings of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in one’s life and get benefitted, etc.

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