Top 15 inspiring Coaches of India to follow in 2024

Top 15 inspiring Coaches of India to follow in 2024

India boasts a diverse array of top coaches, each contributing significantly to various fields. Let’s delve into the profiles of some remarkable individuals who stand out in their respective domains, shaping the landscape of coaching in the country.

Suresh Mansharamani – Business Coach

Suresh Mansharamani, India’s only OKR expert, is a distinguished business coach with over 45 years of experience. As the founder of the Tajurba Business Network, he connects one crore of SMEs through the Tajurba Platform. Tajurba’s mission is to create the community of one crore MSME of India and 500 SME  IPOs by 2029. Mansharamani’s coaching programs, including his Signature Program, cover a wide range of topics, from Money Mindset and beliefs to Preparation for IPO. A TEDx speaker and acclaimed author of 7 books, Mansharamani is on a mission to cultivate entrepreneurs who can propel their enterprises forward with a unique perspective. A Presidential Awardee and the recipient of the Best Sales Coach of The Year 2021 Award, he stands as a luminary in his field.

Anurag Rishi- Mind and Human Transformational Coach

Renowned Holistic Wellness Coach and Transformational Speaker Anurag Rishi sets out on a remarkable mission to encourage positive change in one’s overall wellbeing. When the world is buried under stress, Anurag Rishi emerges to set the minds free from complexities of life. Captivating speeches and training seminars with a global reach, Rishi dives into Corporate Training, Health Coaching & Transforming people from stress and illness to holistic well-being. Beyond his professional expertise, Rishi’s personal triumph over stress-related & health issues fueled a commitment to advocate for the profound connection between the mind and well-being. A proponent of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), he pioneers healing through mental and emotional balance. Rishi’s philosophy Nourishes one’s body, calms the mind and ignites the soul by conquering the mind. His influence extends through digital platforms, reaching over two million viewers weekly. Through signature workshops like “AWAKEN YOUR HEALING INTELLIGENCE” & “HEAL YOUR SOUL, Anurag Rishi provides practical tools for health and wellness. His commitment to awaken the healing intelligence showcases an holistic approach to the journey of wellness. 


Mahesh Kaamath – Trading Expert

Mahesh Kaamath, a seasoned ex-hotelier turned trading expert, Stock Market Trainer, Price Action Trader, and the visionary founder of MAK Trading School, has navigated the dynamic world of stock markets since 2008. Delving deep into the nuances of trading, Mahesh embraces a rule-based strategy centered around Price Action Trading. His specialization in Supply Demand Trading, focusing on price action to discern Institutional buying and selling activity, sets him apart. Motivated by a desire to share his knowledge, Mahesh established his own Trading School, successfully educating over five thousand aspiring traders.

Mayur Soni – Leading Edtech Entrepreneur

Mayur Soni, an alumnus of TISS Mumbai, has emerged as India’s leading Edtech Entrepreneur and MBA Career Coach. He has served top MNCs, conglomerates, and Indian global companies. His commitment to providing the right mentorship and training for students aiming for top Master’s degrees from MBA colleges, including IIM, FMS, TISS, XLRI, and others, is evident through his community-driven platforms, Vair TISS and the MBA Community. These platforms, established by him, cater to over 5000 students through holistic transformation, one-on-one mentorship, start-to-finish training, and the best ecosystem for the complete selection process in top MBA colleges in a single attempt. With over a decade of teaching and mentoring experience, Mayur has facilitated the success of thousands of students in achieving their goals.

Coach Dr Gurmukh Singh – Travel Entrepreneurship Luminary

Coach G Singh has made significant contributions to the travel trade domain, showcasing resilience, expertise, and a visionary spirit. In 2023, he conducted 50+ illuminating webinars, engaged a thriving community of 1100+ paid members, and produced over 100 impactful videos. Singh’s commitment to innovation is reflected in his cutting-edge digital products, engaging podcasts, and venture into book writing, earning him prestigious awards in the International Speaking Championship and as Emerging Face in Travel Trade by Musafir Media Hub, which underlines his commitment to excellence. His dedication to education led to the creation of specialized courses, notably the affordable entry-level courses for people to hands-on and groundbreaking AI Advantage module tailored for Star Members.

Garima Modi – India’s Leading MBA Expert 

Garima Modi, co-founder of Vair TISS Community and VAIR MBA Community, is a prominent figure in guiding students toward top Master’s degrees from MBA colleges including IIM, FMS, TISS, XLRI, among others. With over seven years of mentoring experience, she has trained thousands of students, helping them secure placements in prestigious companies like Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and Reliance Industries. Garima’s commitment to providing holistic transformation, one-on-one mentorship, start-to-finish training, and the best ecosystem for the complete selection process in top MBA colleges in a single attempt sets her apart in the competitive field of MBA admissions.

Asif Zaman Rizvi – Advisor, Coach and Counselor

Asif Zaman Rizvi, a distinguished professional, commenced his career at 21, boasting expertise in Management, Law, and Mass Communication. As the Founder Director of The Advisor – Coach & Counselor, he offers support to children, teenagers, college-going young adults, working professionals, and couples, turning The Advisor into a sanctuary for personal enrichment in Education, Life, Personality, and Career. As an International Certified Career Coach (ICCC), certified DMIT Counselor, and Gold Medalist in Mass Comm., Asif has earned numerous awards, featured in ‘Higher Education Review’ magazine (2017 & 2018). Additionally, he serves as an esteemed Editorial Board Member at Metro Media Newspaper and has been recognized in lists like ’15 Emerging Entrepreneurs.’ Co-authoring the book ‘YOU CAN IMPACT,’ available on Amazon, underscores his dedication to fostering positive change.

Acharya Rajhkumar Singh- Vastu Transformation Coach

Acharya Rajhkumar Singh, a seasoned Astrology expert, and Vastu Acharya, unveils the transformative power of Astro-Vastu as the answer to life’s challenges. In his 9-year journey in the mystical world, Vastu Acharya Rajhkumar Singh has assisted individuals, professionals, and businessmen globally in achieving their dreams. Through proven and simple Vastu and Astrology solutions, he has facilitated deep transformations in thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, leading to heightened understanding and awareness. If facing challenges in personal, professional, or business life, Vastu Acharya Rajhkumar Singh offers expert guidance through his Astro – Vastu practice, assisting those willing to embrace positive change.

Latha Tater – Parenting Coach, Business Coach For Moms & a Psychologist

Latha Tater, a multi-talented professional, has emerged as a beacon of support for Moms, who are grappling with struggles in their parenting journey & guides them to raise an Emotionally Intelligent child. Currently Latha is on a mission to help Moms to restart their career by turning their parenting skills into a profitable business from the comfort of their house through her “Parenting To Profits Business Mentorship Program”. Latha is the founder of Latha’s Mind Hub. Operating from Bangalore, her organization provides online psychological and training services, offering counseling, workshops, and certification programs. Through Latha’s Mind Hub, she has served over 1000+ clients and conducted 300+ workshops, addressing psychological topics for both parents and children.

Abhishek K Madan – Numerology and Vastu Coach

Abhishek K Madan, co-founder of The Occult Academy, is a leading occult coach in Noida. With expertise in Numerology, Vastu, and Crystal Healing, he has pioneered a unique and practical approach to teaching esoteric subjects. Abhishek’s transformative sessions, both online and pre-recorded, simplify complex occult concepts, making them accessible to all. His mission is to redefine the occult learning industry and empower individuals to unlock their latent potential.

Harpreet Kaur – India’s Leading Tarot Life Coach

Co-founder of The Occult Academy, Harpreet Kaur, stands as a celebrated Tarot Life Coach in NCR India. Known for her intuitive and empowering coaching style, she aims to empower one million women to achieve financial, mental, and emotional independence. Harpreet’s Tarot coaching sessions go beyond providing insights; they guide individuals on a journey of personal growth and self-reliance. Recognized as the Best Tarot Life Coach for two consecutive years, she continues to inspire and uplift.

Rinku Joshi – Leading MBA Expert and Mentor

An alumnus of TISS Mumbai, Rinku Joshi is another influential figure in the MBA coaching realm. With over seven years of mentoring experience, she has successfully guided numerous students to gain admission to esteemed MBA institutions, including IIM, FMS, TISS, XLRI, among others through holistic transformation, one-on-one mentorship, start-to-finish training, and the best ecosystem for the complete selection process in top MBA colleges in a single attempt. Rinku has trained over four thousand students, helping them achieve their goals. Her expertise notably extends to streamlining the selection process for top MBA colleges, ensuring successful single-attempt admissions, and assisting her students in securing positions in renowned companies.      

Maya Sharma – The Financial Coach

Maya Sharma, the accomplished Financial Coach, stands as the Founder of MS Financials, a distinguished Business Building Support and education institute based in Kolkata within the Finance Industry. Since its inception in 2016, Maya has successfully left an indelible mark in the financial sector. As a seasoned share market trainer and certified technical analyst with 15 years of rich experience, Maya Sharma leads MS Financials in providing classes covering fundamental share market knowledge and both basic and advanced technical analysis of charts. Her guidance plays a pivotal role in helping students conduct routine checks on their progress. 

Ananya Chattaraj – Tarot card reader and Coach

Ananya Chattaraj, a certified tarot reader, tarot coach,  EFT tapping and talking therapist, Reiki Healer and Art Therapy Practioner stands as a beacon of spiritual guidance and personal transformation. As the founder of CLAIR MYSTIC VOYAGE,  Ananya’s mission revolves around utilizing the “POWER OF NOW” to help individuals forge a deeper connection with themselves, discover their rightful path, and undergo spiritual and personal development to know their true self. Ananya’s profound insights as a practicing psychic medium enable her to share divine wisdom with those who seek her guidance. Her unique approach centers on the belief that anything is possible when individuals open their eyes to perceive the world in depth, ultimately transforming into their higher selves. 

Arun Christe – Travel Coach

Arun Christe, who has been in the business since 2007, offers 16 years of in-depth experience in his coaching endeavour that helps his student start a Travel Agency Business from the comfort of their Home. Having spent the last ten years fostering the growth of his popular travel brand, Trip Explore (, he is its founder. Arun is currently on a mission to empower others and help people launch a travel business which required no upfront money to start and operate the Business for their entire life.

His one-year, one-of-a-kind coaching program is designed to help participants launch their travel business under their own brand name while working from home.

Arun’s program can be used to book flights, hotels, tour packages, visa services, and more using a computer and a mobile device. Through his coaching, participants can start their own travel businesses and make significant profits from the comfort of their homes.

In conclusion, these top coaches in India exemplify excellence in their respective fields, guiding individuals and businesses toward success, growth, and empowerment. Their diverse expertise contributes significantly to the development and transformation of various industries in the country.

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