“The Rise of Unique DJ-Based Band” “MASHUPMINATI A Dj Based band” 

“The Rise of Unique DJ-Based Band” “MASHUPMINATI A Dj Based band” 

The Rise of unique DJ-based bands signifies a sonic revolution, where innovation knows no bounds. As these bands continue to redefine musical norms, listeners are treated not only to aural delights but to a rich tapestry of culture, visuals, and narratives. In the ever-evolving landscape of music, these sonic pioneers are charting a course into uncharted territory, inviting us all to join them on a journey of limitless musical exploration

Mashupminati Dj based Band have of 5-8 band members , is the best Dj based band haryana and  Delhi . MASHUPMINATI Dj based band and Team is known for high-energy performances and unique concepts are designed to keep your guests grooving all night long.

Team consists of three Talented vocalists, a skilled DJ, live percussionists, and a Live Dhol, all of whom are versatile and high-voltage performers. Band is led and owned by Tushar Negi, who is not only their lead performer but also the band main top notch Artist .

Female performers are stepping into the limelight, bringing their unique blend of creativity, talent, and innovation to the forefront of the music scene.  Ritisha dutta she is the hype creator of our  DJ-based band  who is not only breaking barriers but redefining the landscape of electronic and live music.

Dev is also the hype creator mashupminati who engages with audience and make their function much better. Mayank Gogia the percussionist  the heartbeat of the musical journey , contribute a unique and vital element to the Mashupminati dj based band . Abhishek Shisodia who has the Powerful and melodious singer who breaks the stage with his

Beautiful voice.

From rocking nightclubs to setting the vibe at festivals, DJ sonu plays a pivotal role in shaping musical experiences as well as mayank gogia the heartbeat of the Mashupminati dj based band contributes a unique and vital element to the stage 

Tushar stated “we are  synonymous with genre fluidity. We boldly break the chains of musical conformity, blending elements of electronic dance music, funk, jazz, and rock. This genre-bending brilliance not only defies categorization but also invites listeners into a space where the familiar is transformed into something refreshingly new”

Expertise in crowd interaction and entertainment has made Mashupminati 

one of the finest wedding bands in Faridabad, Haryana and Delhi since 2021.”

Mashupminati dj based band   has developed affinity with their customers and music lovers. They are  perhaps the most iconic and promising DJ Based Band with the live percussion performances who are blooming to be the best DJband not only in India but worldwide.

D creation events from Meerut  and PNV events from Aligarh whose shows have been successfully banged by the Mashupminati Dj based band and the team

They have been continuously performing for these two event companies since 3 years

Mashupminati have great social media presence and have major fan following on their instagram handle @mashupminati 

Website – www.mashupminati.com 

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