Preliminary round in 40 cities in month of October November

Preliminary round in 40 cities in month of October November

Nagpur, 21 October 2023:  An international Kathak dance competition ‘Kathak Ashwamedh-2023’ is being organized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of India, Nirzar Kala Sansthan, Guru Kundanlal Gangani Foundation and Guru Sadhana Foundation. The main objective of this competition is to attract the young  generation to ancient art and culture and inspire them to enrich Kathak dance as a means of livelihood.

Organized in memory of Kathak Guru Dr. Sadhana Nafde and Pandit Kundanlal Gangani, the preliminary round of this competition will be organized in almost 40 cities. In the month of October & November on every Saturday/Sunday according to schedule. The competition would bring Kathak dance artists from all the cities a great opportunity to showcase their skills in Delhi. For that online registration can be done on the link,

The preliminary round of ‘Kathak Ashwamedh-2023’ is being held in 40 different cities across India. The competition has been divided into two groups, the first group will be for students in the age group of 12 to 25 and the second group will be for age group of 26 to 40. Around 140 students will be selected from the preliminary round out of which the best 7 dancers (from both groups) will be selected for the grand finale. These 7 best artists will get an opportunity to present their art in a spectacular event in Delhi. The best three winners in both the groups will be selected from it. Huge prizes will be given to the winners. The organizers have appealed to the students who are learning Kathak and Kathak dancers to take advantage of this opportunity by participating in this competition. For further details, you may call 9766589451.

About Nirzar

Nirzar is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to propagating, inculcating and preserving knowledge of a different way of life.

An alternative way of life may mean different things to different people. Educating them about the vast possibilities and potential that the new lifestyle has in store for them is an important objective Nirzar has set out to achieve as its primary mission. Nirzar strives to bring back the Indian culture into the modern way of life; the propagation of a belief system that is rooted in centuries of wisdom, knowledge and experience but still touches and enriches every aspect of a modern lifestyle.

Nirzar has made creating awareness of the potential of a new way to live its primary mission. Nirzar strives to blend the good from Indian culture and practices into the modern way of life. In this way, we aim to keep alive a belief system rooted in millennia of wisdom, knowledge and experience that enriches every aspect of a modern life.

Nirzar Kala Sansthan was originally formed in 1982 to popularize traditional art forms. Early on, Nirzar, The founders believed that art is an important part of life, facets of the many facets of life. So, Nirzar set out to ingrain tradition in modernity so that a rapidly evolving world is able to better appreciate traditional art forms. Out of this need grew the other activities of Nirzar.

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