Israel-Palestine War: Danger of Third World War

Israel-Palestine War: Danger of Third World War

What do we learn from history?


This has always been a starting question in books and classes.

The answer has been such that we learn from history that whatever mistakes our ancestors made, we should not repeat them in the future.

From history we learn what good our ancestors did, we should follow those paths.

In this way, studying history helps take us towards bright development.

But in today’s context, is history really successful in playing this role?

– Probably not.

Today, history is being misused to arouse hatred and feelings of revenge in society and to instigate violence and war.

After studying history, everyone is busy in telling and explaining what mistakes each of their ancestors had committed in the past years, and on that basis, how should revenge be taken from their descendants today.

No one is ready to take interest in those chapters that when and how an atmosphere of peace, harmony and celebration was created in the society in the past years so that by learning from it, such an atmosphere can be created in the future also.

In today’s time, history is being used less positively and misused more negatively. It would have been better if the entire history had been forgotten.

All the countries are watching the Israel-Palestine war and are supporting and opposing the war as per their own, but the countries around the world are not showing any interest in running any big campaign to stop the war.

The heads of countries are no longer interested in peace and harmony. They are more interested in maintaining an atmosphere of fight.

In such circumstances, Gandhi remains relevant even today and hence it is necessary to propagate Gandhi’s ideas.

Think, if Gandhiji were alive today, what would he have been doing during this period of Israel-Palestine war? What would they have done during the war between Russia and Ukraine? Where would they go and in what ways would they try to end war and make peace? He does not hesitate to risk his life to stop the war.

Gandhism could or can become a major path for the struggle and freedom of Palestinians, but violent war can hardly open the way for their freedom in the true sense, Palestine supporters should understand this.

India remained a slave of the British for 200 years. But after independence, India and England were never enemies of each other. How was this possible?

According to the calculations, India should have been the enemy of the British for at least 200 years after independence. Meaning, till 2147 AD, all the Indians should have kept carrying the feeling of enmity towards the British in their minds, only then they would have been considered true Indians and adequate arguments could have been given in this favour, the atrocities of the British could have been reminded.

But is there any such incident after independence which shows that the people of India are harboring a feeling of hostility towards the British?

– No.

As an exception, such an incident may occur, but generally it does not happen at all.

After independence, all Indians got engaged in their respective work, mission of development and improvement.

This huge quality result was possible only because of achieving independence by following the path shown by Gandhiji, otherwise even if India had become independent by following the path of violence, there would still be hatred against each other in the minds of Indians and British, and the feelings of violence would have been there.

Palestine also needs to follow the path shown by Gandhiji – Truth, Non-violence and Satyagraha – and not the path of violence.

Nowadays, a saying is very viral on social media that “war itself is a problem, how will it solve other problems?”

Therefore, Palestine should give up violence and war and follow the path shown by Gandhiji, otherwise even if Palestine supporters win the war, a peaceful society cannot be imagined there in the future. Their coming generations will also continue to face an environment of unrest.

At the end of this article, all the countries are requested to make efforts to stop this war between supporters of Israel and Palestine as soon as possible.

All the countries are on this earth, and today many countries have made such weapons that once they are used, many parts of the earth can be destroyed.

Therefore, it is wrong for supporters of Israel and Palestine to view this war as limited to that part of the land. The whole world may have to suffer the consequences of a little foolishness of any country, hence effective efforts should be made immediately to stop this war.


– Dhananjay Kumar Sinha
   Founder, Aman Samiti

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