Genesis Health Primed to Enter the Asian Market

Genesis Health Primed to Enter the Asian Market

Aampyourgame], India’s leading Market Access Program, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Genesis Health Light, a pioneering health lights company based in Hamilton, Canada. This strategic alliance is poised to transform the gameplan for future of Genesis Health globally with a long-term aim of bringing innovative solutions to discerning audiences across Asia and beyond.

Genesis Health Light, renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge healthcare solutions, has chosen Aampyourgame as its trusted partner to elevate its market presence, attract investment from Asian investors, and expand its global footprint.

With a shared vision of promoting Genesis Health Light on a global platform, Aampyourgame have planned to collaborate with industry peers and investors on a range of initiatives to what they stand for – Revving up the Game for Genesis Health Lights.

AampYourGame, led by a dynamic duo of Aamit Shah and Anand J. are a boutique offering for Startups and mid-sized firms looking to make an entry into the India and Middle East market where they combine the wealth of their industry experience and ever evolving marketing needs of different geographies to facilitate a smooth market entry.


The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is an effective medical device that alleviates pain and stimulates healing at the cell level by concentrating broad spectrum light through an innovative water-based filter. Developed and tested in Canada, this Health Canada licensed and FDA approved handheld device can be used to diminish age and athletic related muscle pains and injuries, as well as accelerating the healing process.

Their decision to partner with Aampyourgame underscores their commitment to growth in the holistic health solutions space on a global stage.

“We are honoured and excited to welcome Genesis Health Light into the Aampyourgame family,” said Aamit S. – The Founder. “This partnership is not just about business but a shared dedication to enhancing people’s lives through better health and wellness practices.”

Genesis Health Light, a trailblazer in the healthcare sector, has developed innovative technologies and healthcare products that have garnered attention worldwide. Their decision to seek investment from Asian investors aligns with their ambition to expand their global reach and bring their groundbreaking solutions to new markets.

“Asia holds incredible potential for healthcare innovation, and we believe that partnering with Aampyourgame is the ideal step to unlock these opportunities,” said Tony Galipeau, CEO of Genesis Health Light. “Together, we aim to redefine health and wellness for a global audience.”

This partnership promises a host of exciting developments, including:

  1. Advanced Healthcare Solutions: Combining Genesis Health Light’s cutting-edge healthcare technologies with industrial and design expertise to leverage them to a global audience.
  2. Market Expansion: Leveraging AampYourGame’s extensive network and expertise in the Indian market to facilitate Genesis Health Light’s expansion into Asia.
  3. Investor Outreach: Aampyourgame will actively support Genesis Health Light in connecting with potential investors in the Asian market, helping them secure the funding required for their global ambitions.
  4. Global Awareness: Joint efforts to raise global awareness about the potential of genesis as a brand both for investors and end users.

Aampyourgame is excited to embark on this journey with Genesis Health Light, and both organizations are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

For more information about this partnership or to inquire about the services offered by Aampyourgame, please contact:

Aamit S. – Founder

Email: [email protected]

About Genesis Health Light: Genesis Health Light is a healthcare company headquartered in Hamilton, Canada. Known for its innovative healthcare solutions, Genesis Health Light is committed to improving the well-being of individuals through advanced medical technology and holistic health approaches.

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