Dr. Vijay Kishor Bansal Awarded 16th Doctorate Degree

Dr. Vijay Kishor Bansal Awarded 16th Doctorate Degree

The name of Tajnagari, once again, shines with the accomplishment of Dr. Vijay Kishor Bansal. The renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Bansal, has been conferred with a Doctorate by the University of De Thems International, France. Recognizing Dr. Bansal’s outstanding contributions to society, the University of Paris also honored him with a Doctorate degree.

A Doctorate in Business Management

Dr. Vijay Kishor Bansal, who has carved a niche for himself in the industrial landscape of the city, has set a new milestone. His distinguished work in the field of industrial management, which has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally, has earned him his 16th Doctorate degree. The University of De Thems International, France, bestowed upon him a Doctorate in the field of industrial management, acknowledging his magnanimity, cultural enrichment, and commitment to promoting social equality and harmony.

Drawing Inspiration from a Legacy of Selfless Service

Dr. Vijay Kishor Bansal attributes his inspiration for social service and religious endeavors to his father, Ram Babu Bansal. Witnessing his father’s selfless dedication to society and unwavering faith, Dr. Bansal is proud to have received his 16th honorary Doctorate degree in recognition of his contributions to society. Notably, last year, he was also honored by the World Book of Records, London.

Schools and Elderly Homes: Serving the Needy

Dr. Vijay Kishor Bansal is actively involved in bringing educational reforms for children and serving the underprivileged. He operates a school in Mainpuri, and in Karauli, Rajasthan, he runs an elderly home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Bansal’s humanitarian efforts were remarkable. He distributed approximately 25 lakh food packets to the poor and needy. During the lockdown period, with the assistance of the police and administration, he delivered food packets containing essential supplies to around 12.5 lakh families for 70 consecutive days.

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