Antony Triumphs: Winning Hearts and Dominating Charts

Antony Triumphs: Winning Hearts and Dominating Charts

December 8, 2023: Joju George and Joshiy, in their second collaboration ‘Antony,’ have once again achieved success, striking gold with the film. Captivating family audiences, it has amassed a worldwide gross of 8.5 crores. Running successfully, Antony continues to dominate the booking charts, maintaining the first-place position even on working days, marking a remarkable turnout. The film is produced by Einstin Zac Paul and the script is by Rajesh Varma.

Once again, Joshiy has made history, reaffirming his unparalleled talent as a director. Starring a stellar cast, including Joju George, Kalyani Priyadarsan, Chemban Vinod Jose, and Nyla Usha, ‘Antony’ was released in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu under the banners of Einstin Media, Nextel Studio, and Ultra Media Entertainments. The overseas rights of the film are acquired by Phars Filmco Motion Pictures.

The film delves into relationships that hold a deeper connection than blood ties. ‘Antony’ unfolds with captivating cinematography by Renadive, accompanied by soul-stirring music from Jakes Bejoy. Dream Big Films secures the film’s distribution, and at the helm, Sibi Jose Chalissery serves as the chief associate director, while Rajasekhar takes charge as the action director.

‘Antony’ also features a skilled crew, with editor Shyam Sasidharan and creative contributor RJ Shaan. Dilip Nath’s art direction showcases artistic finesse, while Praveen Varma designs captivating costumes. Deepak Parameswaran efficiently manages production, and Ronex Xavier brings characters to life with makeup artistry. Anoop P Chacko’s stills and Vishnu Govind’s masterful audiography add depth to this cinematic masterpiece. Sabari serves as the film’s PRO. The film’s marketing and communication are handled by Sangeetha Janachandran (Stories Social), and in Kerala, it is managed by Obscura. Antony is poised for enduring success, solidifying its status as a must-watch with its captivating mix of action, emotion, and unparalleled family appeal.

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