2nd Japan Career Promotion Forum INDIA 2023

2nd Japan Career Promotion Forum INDIA 2023

JETRO is working towards attracting foreign talent to work in Japan. Every year, we support more than 350 Japanese companies for their recruiting process. We have dedicated online JOB SEARCH PORTAL. Please visit this link for more information – https://www.jetro.go.jp/en/hrportal/

JETRO organized a webinar on 30 November 2023, Time: 16:00-17:05 (IST), focused on Indian students aiming to build their careers in Japanese companies in Japan or India.

The webinar introduced various career opportunities and working environment in Japan, business scenario and the trends of global talent acquisition. It also featured presentations from companies that are utilizing Indian talents for their international business, Voices of Indian professionals living in Japan, Live interaction with Indian professionals where students also sent their questions directly to the panelists, JETRO’s support for international talent (“Open for Professionals Initiatives”) and JETRO Job Fairs.

This initiative was supported by Embassy of Japan, Japan Foundation, JICA, AOTS, JNTO. Additionally, Advisor (Japan) Prof. Ashok Kumar Chawla, East Asia Division, Ministry of External Affair, Govt of India and Chief Director General, JETRO New Delhi, Mr. Takashi SUZUKI also participated.

Bytes from the Participants

Advisor (Japan) Prof. Ashok Kumar Chawla, East Asia Division, Ministry of External Affair, Govt of India

He said that Careers in Japan for Indians are broadly categorized into three components i.e., highly skilled professionals, as in education, research and Industry which includes IT and manufacturing. The second one is the workers and the interns, third category is salary men and small business owners, like running restaurants and small businesses. Hiring of the professionals can happen through the existing channels like JETRO is conducting Job fairs and other match making or information sharing activities. Ministry of external affairs sometimes provides some avenues and there could be direct contact by people who would like to employ Indians. He added that dealing with Japanese companies requires specific training, there is a Japanese style which is a family-like style. That means you go into the family, behave like a family member and you will be accepted as a family member.

Chief Director General, JETRO New Delhi, Mr. Takashi SUZUKI

He started the speech by saying that JETRO is an international investment, and innovation promotion arm of the Japanese government to promote bi-lateral business between Japan and the rest of the world. At present, both the countries are jointly working in the field of Start-ups, Open innovation, Technology transfer, Space tech to name a few.

To grow further in the field of automation and digitalization Japan needs the power and passion of motivated young talents like all of you. In order to take Japan-India relations to a newer heights a robust people to people connect is imperative. India has vast pool of young skilled talent which is a great asset for India as well as for the rest of the world. In our endeavor to attract highly skilled global talent to Japan one of the most strategic partners is India.

The session was moderated by Swastik Kulkarni from JETRO, Headquarters, Tokyo.

 During the sessions the professionals talked about Japan talent development strategy, Tips for job interviews, like being punctual in Japan means reaching 5 mins earlier, and demonstration on how to do research on recruitment information and the position before the interview etc.

*Attached is the YouTube link for the recorded session.


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